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Activia and Shakira – Feeling Good Starts from Within

Danoneannounces global partnership between Activia andthe famous singerShakirain the global campaign «Dare To Feel Good».


Danone Nations Cup

Since 2000 Danone has been the proud organizer of the world's largest international soccer tournament for 10 to12 year-olds. Danone Nations Cup is our contribution to a healthy future for children and their families around the world.


The secret powers of yogurt

We all know it is a nutritious and convenient snack, but yogurt has many other benefits that make it a winning food choice.

Myths about dairy products

There are a lot of legends and myths about dairy products, but which of them is true? In this section we bust all the myths about dairy products.

Interesting projects

Feel light with "Activia"

Программа легкости от Активиа

"The program of light life" is your individual plan for 14 days, made ??by experts in various fields. The program takes into account your age, lifestyle, diet and other data, which are determined during the test.

What do children talk about?

Unmissable! Enjoy  the game "What do children talk about?” where the most open-minded and charming children give sparkling explanations to familiar words and make even the most bored person laugh :)